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FAA Certified Remote Pilot – sUAS Compliance & Integration

Since 1997 Tech-Savvy Consulting has provided technology consulting and custom software development services to hundreds of businesses.

Interested in using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka sUAS or drones) for your business?

sUAS Compliance & Integration

Interested in using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka sUAS or drones) for your business? Using drones was tricky in the past but in 2016 the FAA came up with a process to make it easier and safer. Applicants can now pass a written exam and then fly legally for commercial purposes. Airspace authorizations and waivers for certain rules are also becoming easier and faster to obtain.

Our FAA Certified Remote Pilot can help your company establish a program for flying safe & legal. We can also help you integrate data gathered from your sUAS into your exsiting systems.

Internet Development

We will work with your agency (or hire one for you) to ensure your online application looks good and integrates into your existing website.

We can provide a full-service solution that includes a responsive website design that works on any device with photo and video elements. We can help get your photos, video and message across all platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Data Conversion

Need to move data from one system to another? We will analyze the situation and help you develop a sound strategy. We can write routines to parse ASCII files, load databases, scrub websites for data, reformat data values, perform backups, transfer files, etc. After coding and testing is complete, we will help migrate the data and assist your staff with the transition or future conversions (if they are reoccurring). We can also help with your data reporting needs and have vast experience with Crystal Reports.

Database Development – MySQL, Microsoft Access and SQL Server

Whether you are developing for the Internet or the desktop you will more than likely need a database on the backend to store your application’s information. Depending on the size and scope of the project we will typically use SQL Server or MySQL, but have experience working with other vendors (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc.). We will develop an optimized relational database design for your application (or work with an existing one) and ensure that all SQL statements and stored procedures are tuned for high performance.

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